BD Pathway 435 Bioimager


Overview: The BD Pathway 435 high-content Bioimager is a compact bench top imager compatible with multiwell plates and slides. It can collect transmitted and fluorescence light images.

Light from a mercury metal halide lamp introduced through a liquid light guide provides illumination from 360 nm to 700 nm. A transmitted light canopy provides the ability to capture bright-field images that can be overlaid onto fluorescent images.

The system combines superior image quality, flexible image capture, and live-cell analysis to address a wide range of applications. Its innovative motionless stage with movable optics enhances image stability for loosely adherent and live cells.

Objectives: 4x, 20x, 40x (dry), and 60x (oil, used only for slides) Olympus objectives.

Camera: Cooled 12 bit CCD camera (Lumenera – Infinity 3-1).

Software: The BD Pathway software suite – BD Atto Vision. The Pipeline pilot imaging software bundle can also help to process the data generated from this system.

Computer: Dell Precision 390 workstation with Windows XP operating System.

Capabilities: This system can perform a wide range of fluorescence-based kinetic and endpoint biological assays. It can provide fluorescence intensity measurements, kinetic imaging and morphological analysis including subcellular imaging. Useful for wide array of fluorescence-based biological applications such as neurite growth, angiogenesis, protein translocation and colocalization, cell cycle and 3-dimentional cellular exploration.