BMC Operation and Safety Plan: Phase 3


BMC Operation and Safety Plan: Phase 3

Following the UGA guidelines for re-opening, the BMC resumed its operation from June 15 with the following new rules and guidelines:

Phase 1.

  1. Extend instrument access to all UGA research laboratories.
  2. Physical distancing, disinfection, and safe-working-alone processes will be followed.
  3. Only trained users will be allowed access to the scopes.
  4. One-on-one microscope trainings for new users and assisted imaging will resume at Phase 2.
  5. Kandasamy will be available at the Core but will communicate with the users only through e-mail or by phone, such as FaceTime or Zoom ( or mobile: 706-247-4122).
  6. In-person troubleshooting of instrument issues will be performed without users present.
  7. No more than one user at a time will be permitted to work at a microscope. No more than two people allowed in Room #164 and #167 at a time.
  8. Users will be required to enter the microscope room only after the booked microscope start time, and to leave before the booked microscope end time. Shutdown instrument properly after use.

Phase 2.

One-on-one training started from July 20th. All the above rules of Phase 1 will be followed.

Phase 3.

With the strict following of safety rules, BMC offers full service to the users.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,