LaVision BioTec UltraMicroscope II

Lavision Bio Microscope


Location: Coverdell, Room# 164

Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope for 3D Imaging of Larger Samples

UltraMicroscope II: This imaging system utilizes 6 light sheets (3 left, 3 right) to excite samples from the side while the fluorescence light is detected perpendicular to the plane of illumination. Moving the sample through the light sheet generates a 3D image stack. Selective excitation of the focal plane significantly reduces bleaching and photo toxicity. The dynamic horizontal light sheet focus provides excellent Z-resolution.

Microscope: Olympus MVX-10 Zoom Body providing magnification steps from 0.63x to 6.3x for the Olympus MVPLAPO 2XC objective. Infinity corrected optics setup used for other LaVision BioTec manufactured objectives.

Objectives: The scope has 1.3x, 2x, 4x and 12x objectives.

Camera: Andor Neo sCMOS camera.

Fluorescence Filters: Standard filter sets for imaging green, red, far-red and infrared fluorophores.

Software: ImSpector Pro for imaging and Imaris 9.1 for image processing.

Computer: The microscope is controlled via a workstation (Alternate Computerversand GmbH)) with MS Windows 10 Pro operating system.

Capabilities: Multi-color imaging of large fixed and cleared organs and entire small animals.

Use: This system is good for 3D imaging of large optically cleared and fluorescently labeled samples.