Zeiss Axio Scope A1 Microscope

Zeiss Axio Scope A1


Coverdell, Room# 164

Wide Field Microscope System for Color Bright Field and Fluorescence Imaging

Microscope: This basic imaging system has an upright microscope (AXIO Scope A1) with transmitted (HAL) and UV (X-Cite) illumination sources. It can collect color transmitted light images (bright field and DIC) as well as conventional fluorescence images.

Objectives: The scope has 5x, 10x, 20x and 40x (air) and 100x (oil) objectives.

Camera: Zeiss Axiocam 305 Color. This system with the multi-chrome CCD camera is ideal for combining images obtained with two different techniques (DIC and fluorescence) or up to 4 different fluorescence channels.

Fluorescence Filters: Standard filter sets for imaging blue, green, red and far-red fluorophores.

Software: Zen software for capturing, processing and archiving of images.

Computer: The microscope is controlled via a HP Z240 computer with MS Windows operating system.

Capabilities: Multi-color imaging of fixed cells, and sections of organs and entire small animals.

Use: This system is good for wide array of Histochemical and Fluorescence Microscopy imaging applications.