Training for Instrument Use

To schedule for microscope use at BMC, all new users must receive the necessary training. To begin training or for guidance on choosing the instrument most suited for their experiment, the principal investigator (PI) or users can get in touch with Dr. Kandasamy at

There are two one-hour training sessions. Session I: Users will be guided through the system startup, imaging and image processing in detail, and system shutdown at the conclusion. In Session II, users must complete all imaging procedures with their samples in front of the Core personnel.

After training Session II, if it is judged that the users are competent in using the instrument, they will be granted 24/7 access to the space and the instrument for future usage.

The cost of training is waived for subscribers. The whole training costs $150 for hourly users. For the training, hourly users must bring their account number.

All users would receive refresher instruction at any time upon request, with an hourly fee just for instrument time.

To learn more about the BMC instruments and their capabilities, please visit the Equipment web pages.