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About Biomedical Microscopy Core

The University of Georgia Biomedical Microscopy Core (BMC) provides access to confocal, deconvolution, light sheet, super resolution and other optical microscope systems that are useful for multi-color imaging of live and fixed cells and tissue samples, and high-content screening.
This state-of-the-art microscopy facility serves UGA and external researchers by providing microscopy related expertise, training and assistance for advancing their projects on various model organisms. Additionally, BMC offers software packages on high-end workstations for image processing and analysis.


BMC Operation and Safety Plan

BMC has resumed its full operation and it now offers training and all other imaging-related services to the whole user groups. For everyone’s safety, users are still advised to follow the CDC recommended safety regulations while at the Core Facility.

Axio Scope A1

Several BMC users have expressed a need for a basic wide-field microscope capable of taking bright field (color and DIC) and fluorescence images for their routine research.  So, we have added a new system to the Core in Room# 164. Axio Scope A1

UltraMicroscope II (light sheet)

We have installed a LaVision Biotec UltraMicroscope II, a light sheet fluorescence microscope, in Room #164 at BMC. It’s capable of imaging large optically cleared samples at 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm and 785 nm excitation wavelengths.