DeltaVision Microscope System II (pd20621)

Microscope: This DeltaVision II microscope system uses an Olympus IX-71 inverted microscope with a xenon arc lamp as the illumination source for exciting fluorophores from the UV to far Red. It can also collect transmitted LED light images (bright field and DIC). It has 60x and 100x (oil) objectives. 20x and 40x (dry) objectives can be switched from the other DV system.

Filter Sets: It contains DAPI, FITC, TRITC, CY5, CFP, YFP, GFP, mCherry and A594 filter sets for multi-color fluorescence and live cell imaging.

Camera: Image capture is done with the CoolSnap HQ2, a fast, high resolution, high quantum efficiency and cooled CCD camera.

Software: The DeltaVision uses the acquisition software SoftWorx, which can automate the deconvolution computations and can generate 3D reconstructions.

Computer: Uses PC running Redhat Linux. Windows operate Instrument Controller.

Capabilities: Z-series, 3D/rotatable reconstruction, Ultimate focus – hardware based focus stability, time course series and multiple-color fluorescence microscopy of fixed and live samples.

Use: Wide array of imaging applications including cytoskeletal studies, live cell imaging, cell cycling studies, protein translocation and protein pathway analysis.

For further detail consult DeltaVision user manual on the self in room 163.