Zeiss ELYRA S1 (SR-SIM) Super Resolution Microscope


Microscope: The ELYRA S1 system uses a high resolution AXIO Observer Z1 inverted microscope stand with transmitted (HAL), UV (HBO) and laser illumination sources. The scope has 10x (dry), 63x (oil) and 100x (oil) objectives, and a GFP/RFP/Alexa 633 fluorescence filter set for viewing samples.

Resolution: The ELYRA S.1 system achieves a lateral resolution of ~ 100 nm and an axial resolution of ~ 200 nm through the use of SR-SIM. This system has the ability to penetrate up to 20 µm into the tissue.

Lasers: High power solid-state 405 nm, 488 nm and 561 nm lasers for imaging the blue, green and red standard fluorescent labels.

Camera: EM-CCD camera (Andor iXon) provides maximum sensitivity and speed of acquisition.

Software: ZEN 2011 software with SIM analysis module.

Computer: ELYRA S1 system is controlled via a HP Z820 workstation with the Windows 7 (64 bit) operating system.

Capabilities: This system can acquire multi-color SR-SIM data with up to four channels. It allows collection of super resolved images in 3D by means of Z-stack or optical sections.

Use: Shorter acquisition times and ability to work with standard fluorophores in standard conditions make this system more flexible and suitable for imaging live and fixed samples. High axial and lateral resolution makes this system optimal for nano research.

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