Fees & Scheduling


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Effective January 2022

Equipment Use (hourly rate)UGAAcademicCommercial
DeltaVision Systems I & II$40$45$75
ImageXpress Micro Confocal$50$55$75
LSM 710, LSM 880, LSM 900, LSM 980 & Elyra S1$55$60$100
Axio Scope A1 & Imaris Software$15$15$20
UltraMicroscope II (light sheet)$55$65$100
Assisted technical support (includes equipment fee)$75$80$125
Annual Subscription (per lab)UGAAcademicCommercial
Lab subscription, up to 2 users$4,000N/AN/A
Lab subscription, 3 to 5 users$5,000N/AN/A
Lab subscription, 6 or more users$6,000N/AN/A
$150 (two 1-hour sessions). Free for subscription users.


  • All services require a one-hour minimum charge and are billed in half-hour increments.
  • Equipment use, technical support and/or training may be scheduled up to 8 days in advance. There are no scheduling limits for off-peak hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 pm-8:00 am; weekends and holidays.
  • Confocal systems’ use is limited to 3 hours per day Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-8:00 pm. On the day of use, your session may extend beyond the 3-hour limit if the equipment is not already scheduled by another user.
  • DV II, LSM 710 and LSM 980 systems can be scheduled for long-time imaging of living specimens but are limited to 24 hours of use per week per lab Monday-Friday. Long-time live imaging for more than 24 hours is allowed only from Friday to Sunday.
  • Last minute cancellations are discouraged. If cancellation is unavoidable, the person cancelling the appointment is responsible for shutting down the scope or informing the previous user.
  • Annual subscriptions may be paid in two installments ($2,000 each or $2,500 each or $3,000 each).
  • Revised 01/2022. Contact us for project cost estimate.

Equipment Schedule