Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope

Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope

Microscope: The Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope system uses an upright microscope (AXIO Imager Z2) with transmitted (HAL), UV (HBO) and laser illumination sources. It can collect bright field, DIC (using laser as light source) and confocal fluorescence images. The microscope has 10x, 20x (dry), 40x (oil), 63x (oil) and 100x (oil) objectives.

Fluorescence Filters: DAPI (blue), Rhodamine (red) and FITC (green).

Laser: Diode laser (405 nm), Argon (458, 488, 514 nm) and HeNe (543, 633 nm).

Software: The Zen 2.3 imaging software controls the microscope as well as image acquisition and processing.

Computer: A high-end HP Z840 computer with MS Windows 7 operating system.

Capabilities: Z-series, 3-D/rotatable reconstruction, time series for following cellular events, colocalization of multiple proteins and multicolor imaging of fixed and live samples.

Use: Wide array of imaging applications including protein localization analysis, cytoskeletal studies, live cell imaging, calcium signaling and cell cycling studies.

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